Update on Tips, Broadcast 8/22/19



Square released an update to their reports last week. Because of this change in Square, the daily tip report will not be available by iPad. While in the past, credit card tips were paid out immediately following a shift, this is no longer possible due to the changes Square made. As this change is out of our hands, we have communicated to Square our needs.

Beginning Saturday, August 23:

  • Credit card tips will be pooled together by management for all shifts and events, then divided and disbursed weekly based on the number of hours worked by each employee.
  • Credit card tips will no longer be paid out by employees or added up manually.
  • Cash tips will continue to be split immediately whenever a shift starts or ends.
  • Customers will be able to leave credit card tips as usual.
  • Credit card tips will be disbursed by Munir two weeks from the end of a work week.


Example: The total credit tips for the week is $540. A total of 150 hours were worked by all employees. In this case each employee will receive $4.50 tips per hour worked. An employee who worked 10 hours, will receive $45. An employee who worked 20 hours will receive $90.


In the event, an employee is on vacation or off during the disbursement, that employee’s tips will be held by Munir until the employee returns.

If an employee resigns or is terminated, tips will be disbursed by cash, check or direct deposit based on Management discretion.

Credit card tips will not be disbursed to anyone but the employee. Credit card tips are not able to be advanced or disbursed early.

This method will be the most fair and consistent method to disburse tips to all employees. The work and effort that goes into Shortwave does not start and begin with each shift. Rather it’s a sum of everyone’s help that begins with the roasters roasting amazing coffee and all the baristas preparing the shop and bar for the next day. It continues when we have busy days and onto the baristas who clean up where previous shifts left off.

Please fill out the form below. We appreciate your dedication and hard work.  Please contact me if you have any questions.