Broadcast 4/4/19

Outdoor Seating

Start putting outdoor seating out everyday. If it is raining, it can be put out once it stops raining.



Welcome to Kate, coming over from three story.

Ashlyn has shifted over to Boone Olive Oil Co.


Batch Brew

Current settings is 160g 5×5, 9.5 grind

Use the 32oz pitcher to grind into, instead of directly into the brew basket. This will help prevent grounds from entering the airpot.

After 3pm, start keeping track of how much batch brew is left before making a new batch. There has been a lot left over at night.



All the ceramic cups and v60 drippers have been cleaned inside and out. You will notice how clean the insides are now (thanks Tobi). We will be cleaning these cups periodically to prevent staining.