Broadcast 3/18/19

Time Clock/Missed Punches

A new form is on the team site to collect missed time clock punches. Use it whenever you miss a punch. It is under forms.


Open Tickets on Square

Please do not use tickets for your own purchases.

We use tickets when customers request to open a tab or when groups come in and one person is paying for everything. Their tickets are paid for when they are leaving.

International Cafe orders are put on a ticket. Management handles payment for their orders.

In the rare case that a customer forgot their wallet (and they can’t use apple pay, google pay, have a friend pay, etc), we can make a ticket for them and they can pay the next time they are in. For the ticket name, get their name and phone number.


Gift cards

There are no discounts on gift cards. Employee discounts, BOOC discounts, Alley A discounts cannot be used. KBIA gift certificates cannot be used for gift cards.

Please do not write on the gift cards. Once a card funds are empty, it can be reused if it is not damaged. Put it in the box with the gift cards.


KBIA Certificates

Shortwave and BOOC donated gift certificates to KBIA, National Public Radio, for their pledge drive. Listeners who pledge received our certificates as a gift. They come in increments of $5 and can be used at either shop. The whole amount has to be used at once at one place. There are no partial certificates or IOUs. Certificates cannot be used on gift cards.

To redeem the certificate, ring up the order as normal. Then go to discounts and choose KBIA. Enter the amount of the certificate based on the quantity of certificates. Note, each certificate is $5 and they can bring in as many as they have.

If the total is less than $5 and the customer does not want to add another item to their purchase, then just enter the subtotal amount as the discount. For example, a latte is $4.50. The discount will be $4.50 instead of $5. Complete the purchase as a $0 cash sale.

Once the certificate is redeemed, cross it out with marker and put it in the register. At closing, all certificates go into the drop envelope.

Hugo Chai

Hugo chai is now in a box. Instead of dispensing from the box, we empty 2 boxes into 3 half-gallon jugs (same ozark mountain jugs we use for coldbrew). Take the bag out the box. Cut off a corner and empty it into a jug. Label it chai. Please make sure we have chai ready in the half-gallon jugs as it is difficult to use the box.

The chai needs to be refrigerated once opened, whether it is in the box or not. It is difficult to tell if the box is opened, so make sure to open and put it in a jug.



All syrups, carafes and tea jugs need to be labeled. Labels need to be removed before washing!

Cortado Glasses
Do not use rinse cortado glasses with the side sprayer! This will crack the glass after hot espresso is in it!

Do not use them for cold drinks! They will crack! Ask Kyle

Do not drop them in the sink either. This will chip the glass.

The cortado glasses need to be stacked up on the espresso machine so they are pre-warmed.


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