Broadcast 2/12/2019

Work Schedules

Here are some updates to scheduling:Weekly schedules are now handled by Munir. We will do our best to issue schedules one week in advance. Email your availability updates and off requests at least two weeks in advance to Munir at Please write your availability and off requests as a list so it clear. Also include how many shifts and number of hours you prefer a week. All off requests are subject to approval.

If you need off less than two weeks/after a schedule is posted, find someone to cover your shift. All shift changes need to be sent to and approved by management.  

If you are flexible and want to pick up more shifts, let Munir know.

Calling in sick: Use the team groupme to send out a request as this will let everyone know that the shift needs to be covered.  

Tardiness: Shifts start at the time according to the schedule. If you are running late, text Munir or Mustafa.  

No shows: No way.

Covering shifts, availability updates and weekend rotating schedules:

We are willing to work around personal schedules, off requests and other commitments, as well as scheduling the number of hours being requested, as long as every shift is covered. That will require everyone to be able to pitch in and help cover each other’s shifts when someone needs off, gets sick or the unexpected happens. When a shift isn’t picked up we will have to assign someone.

We will try to accommodate availability updates as personal schedules change. We are not able to accommodate all weekends off except in special circumstances. As needed, we will have a rotating weekend schedule. For days you prefer not to work or typically do not work, you will need to submit an off request for it.


You ask off Saturdays. We will try to accommodate that request, but you still need to put in an off request for the days you absolutely need off.

You are available Thursday mornings, but are never scheduled that shift. When you absolutely need Thursday morning off, email an off request. Do not assume you will have that day off as scheduling is constantly changing.

Scheduling changes because of other jobs: We understand that internships and other commitments come up so you can meet your goals.  We will try to accommodate those availability changes. Low priority is given to other side jobs that interfere with Shortwave scheduling.  Please note, you will need to update us within 24 hours of accepting another job and of any availability changes.

Backup schedules:

As needed, we will have a backup schedule for certain shifts. Usually backups will be scheduled for days with low availability, busy days, special events and any other high priority days and as standby if extra help is needed.

In the event a shift needs to be covered, the normal protocol will be followed by asking if anyone can cover the shift. If no one accepts, the shift will be assigned to the backup.

Please note, the shift can only be assigned to the back up by management and is not to be used to hand off a shift without a valid reason. It is still your responsibility to find someone to cover your shift if you need to switch.

Backups will be expected to arrive to work on time if advance notice is given or within 30 minutes. We don’t expect backups to be called in often.

If you have any questions please, reach out to Munir.


Chai: Hugo Chai is now in a box. The concentrate is still the same.

Birthday: Shortwave’s 5th year anniversary is coming up. We will be offering a complimentary house made pastry (to be determined) on Saturday, the 16th with any drink purchase.