11/23/19 Broadcast



In: Elliott, Lucy

Out: Than


Soy Milk

Soy Milk has the tendency to coagulate when mixed with espressos, creating a chunky top layer. It also doesn’t pour latte art well. We’ve tried every brand of soy milk. So when steaming soy milk, do not add any foam. Just steam it to heat it up (keep it spinning!). It will be louder, but our goal is to not add any foam.

When pouring, let the soy milk sink the whole time without any attempt to make latte art!


Cash Tips

We are leaving $4 in the tip jar again. Please do not take it by mistake, it takes a lot of time to correct it. $4 always stays in the jar.

Cash tips are paid out whenever someone comes or leaves.

Do not let your tips pile up in the jar. If it starts to spill out, take some out.

If you are going to the back, please remember that the people can easily steal the tips. There is a camera on the register, but the police will not help.

When splitting tips, don’t wait until the last second to do it, try to organize the cash and change beforehand (ideally 15 minutes before shift ends). You cannot go over on your hours because you are counting tips.

Please do not let customers wait on you while you count your tips.

Please convert the change to dollars. It is sloppy when everyone is getting handfuls of change.

Give tips directly to your coworker. Do not leave it laying around. This adds a lot of confusion when money is just sitting on the bar and nobody knows who it is for.

Money needs to be put away immediately. Do not leave it on the bar. Someone will take it.

Don’t talk about tips on bar, customers can see and hear us.

Don’t let customers make change from the tip jar, we will do it for them from the register.

Don’t forget your tips and don’t forget to clock out.

Do say thank you when customers throw tips in.

If a customer says they forgot to leave a credit card tip (square doesn’t have an option to add tip after the transaction is signed and completed), they can always leave it in the tip jar or leave it next time, no biggie.

Shortwave will not reimburse any lost or stolen tips.


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