11/18/19 Broadcast



In: Naomi, Morgan King

Out: Hayley (end of week), Suzanne


New Menu Items

Handbrew Menu: The Handbrews on the menu board have been updated with all the current available coffees, so it is now accurate. Please review it the next time at your next shift.

Please note, a lot of the Ethiopian coffees are from the Yirgacheffe region. Some additional regional identifiers have been added to the names. Yirgacheffe Natural is now known as Yirgacheffe Aricha (tasting notes: floral and berry).

Apple Cider: Apple cider was added this weekend, starting with the Sweet Night of Jazz catering on Friday and then at the shop on Saturday. It’s a hit and will be ordered more frequently as the weather gets colder. The cider is already prepped with all the mulled spices. It is steamed to 145-150° and served in a latte cup. Do not fill the cup too high, otherwise it will spill.  Leave a pinkie below the rim.

How to ring up: Choose the CIDER button on the drink page in Square.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: House made chocolate chip cookies are back! Our secret recipe cookies are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are as big as your face and have dark chocolate chips (66%). Our chocolate chips cookies break down even the most determined customer so make sure to offer it during checkout!

How to ring up: Choose the COOKIE button on the food page in Square.


Daily and weekly tasks Checklist

A new checklist has a list of tasks and times that need to be done during the day. The checklist is laminated, use a chalk marker to mark on it. Clean it in the morning when starting it. The completed list is required by 8pm, please send a picture on Groupme.

Please note just checking off the tasks without actually completing it will result in termination.

Hourly Tasks: Some tasks are hourly and are repetitive to ensure Shortwave is in perfect running condition. Most of the tasks should already be done if you are on top it, tbh.

Midday Tasks: Tasks that need to get started at 1pm.

Daily tasks: Some tasks need to be done or checked on daily. These can be started immediately after the opening checklist whenever you have free time. Some tasks are convenient to do whenever two people are on shift like going to the bank or taking out recycling.

Weekly tasks: These tasks are listed on specific days.



Starts tasks as soon as possible! Work them in between drinks! Be a professional! Saying that you were busy with customers is not an excuse when tasks are not finished.

Hanging out and not working or just leaning up on the bar talking to friends is not ok. This is a job and we should always be working.

Using the excuse of “Let me wash these dishes first” to get out of tasks is not ok. Please don’t try it.

When you catch yourself standing around, pick up the task list and check it to see what you need to do.

Other tasks will be assigned by management. Follow up on groupme when it is done.

If a task needs to be completed or something needs to be cleaned then do it immediately. Do not wait!

Example: Floor needs to be swept. Do not wait until closing time to do it.

Being ahead is key! Even if something doesn’t look dusty, still dust it. That way the customer will never see dust.

Two people doing one task is usually not needed. Please work independently. Lining up drinks for the barista on espresso all day is not ok. Although two people usually work at one time, one person can usually work the bar by themselves if it is not busy. Unless there is a lot of drinks or a line, the other person should be able to find times to work on alternate tasks. Coordinate with your coworker!

Examples: “I’m going to knock out these dishes, let me know if you need help”

“The bar’s under control, i’m going to the back to restock and finish some tasks. Let me know if you need help.”

“I can checkout the customer, no need to interrupt your task.”

“I can finish the drinks, can you cut cold brew?”


Checking Orders In

Frequently UPS, Fedex and USPS will drop off packages throughout the day. Those orders need to be check in asap.

Here are the steps:

  1. Send on Groupme exactly what was received and quantities. Be as descriptive as possible. Not any damages, discrepancies or shorts. Use pictures if needed.
  2. Once you receive a response on Groupme verifying the order is correct from management, the order needs to be stocked and put away.

Orders need to be checked in before the end of the day. Any boxes laying around by the bathrooms or by the bar are usually the ones that need to be checked in.

USPS usually leaves packages on the bar, Fedex and UPS usually leave packages towards the back by the bathrooms.